Roller Shutters

Roller shutters are available in aluminium or steel version, single or double-shell. By request with glazing, blankings and colour coating.

Roller Grilles

Roller Grilles are available in aluminium or steel. They are particularly ideal for shop windows, shopping centres, entrances, underground garages. They offer transparency as well as elegant protection.

Tilt Doors

High ventilation shaft (up to 80%) for underground garages. Only small lintel is required (200 mm), with up to 3500 mm width a slip door can be integrated into door leaf. Solid steel tubing frame welded and galvanized or bolted as an aluminium frame.

Sectional Doors

They are produced as aluminium -frame constructions, steel or aluminium-sandwich panels. Various different glazings and colour coatings are available.

Folding-Lifting Doors

Only minimum space is required in depth in relation to the size of the door. The model insulated door with minimized energy and heat loss. Depending on the model high transparency through large window slats. High wind load resistance. Door is integrated in door leaf.

PVC-High-Speed Doors

PVC high-speed doors are suitable for universal applications. Fast opening and closing minimizes the energy and heat loss and provides a constant indoor temperature. Applicable outdoors in combination with a roller/ sectional door as prevention against burglary.

Strip curtains

They are ideal to close large doorways, to separate differently heated halls, to enclose machines and systems in the production area against dust, chippings, splashes, flying sparks etc.

Sliding Doors

The construction is perfect. The running is quiet and tilt free! Even doors of 12 meters clearance height can still be easily moved by hand. The basis of this is an intelligent system: A door construction, which is welded and bolted together with the sliding door profile and a patented internal roller mechanism with ball-bearing plastic rollers arranged in an offset pattern and a sliding door profile with guiding  ridges.

Barrier Systems

Barriers provide multi- purpose applications in parking garages, banks, amusement parks and similarly self-contained construction units.